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Signage & Visual Graphics: The Productivity Boost You Need

Signage & Visual Graphics: The Productivity Boost You Need

Signage and visual graphics play a critical role in helping to improve productivity in manufacturing, hospitals, schools and other commercial settings. Signs and visual graphics help to provide directions, visually organize production areas or details on specific departments, inform and engage customers and employees, as well as provide important cues on safety and make your business more accessible to those with special needs. These things combined can work together to clarify procedures and motivate and inspire employees to do more, giving you a boost in productivity.

Signage & Visual Graphics: The Productivity Boost You Need

Take a look at some of our signage ideas designed to make your business as productive as possible:

Provide Directions using directional signage and floor decals: Navigating through your store should not be a difficult task for visitors, as ease in finding specific products, services or people is a contributing factor to whether or not they will return to your store. Directional signage and floor decals are perfect examples of how providing signage that informs visitors, guests and vendors of how to navigate around your store or office will make visiting your location easy and convenient. Directional signage can be used in a variety of settings and in countless formats to inform clients and employees how to find what they are looking for, indoors and outdoors. Floor decals are made to last despite harsh conditions and are a creative use of space. They can easily lead visitors to specific items, entrances and exits, or even to promotions or events going on. Both directional signs and floor decals can be created to match the theme or style of your location, or they can be more creative and even make a statement about your brand.

Organize with Banners (Permanent and Retractable): Finding a way to organize your store can be difficult, but it’s important as a well-organized space declutters and improves productivity. Employees and guests of all kinds should know where items or services are located throughout your store – it doesn’t say much when employees can’t make their way around your business. Hanging banners placed over various aisles or departments are a fantastic way of organizing a store of any size. Imagine being able to categorize your store, thus helping guests find what they need faster in a convenient and stylish manner. A great temporary organizational option is incorporating retractable banners for special promotions or events.

Engage and Inform with Digital Displays and Wall Graphics: When guests visit your store, they should leave impressed and knowledgeable about your business. Not sure how to engage and inform? Digital displays are not only revolutionary but ideal for engaging and informing customers about your business. They are great for providing guests with information and are great for collecting feedback about your products and services. Another great way to engage and inform guests is with wall graphics; this is a wonderful option for utilizing empty space and establishing a cohesive brand presence in any storefront or office as they can be made to just about any size, style or color preferences. They can communicate your company’s history, highlight your offerings or feature photos of completed projects. An engaging environment is also motivating for employees, regardless of your industry.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when looking to boost productivity. Not sure what options will work best for your business? Call or visit your local Signarama store today to find out more!