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Retailers Holiday Signage Survival Guide

Retailers Holiday Signage Survival Guide

30% of annual sales for retailers happen over the holidays. Draw in more customers with custom signs, banners and displays! #sales #retail #growyourbusiness

Throughout the year, retailers can align their business goals and fiscal calendar with specific holidays. While holiday sales events can be stressful, it is an excellent opportunity for businesses to increase their sales and the word-of-mouth associated with a successful business. Of course, none of this magically happens overnight; it can take months of planning with the marketing team to put holiday sales in place. Here are some tips for holiday signage that retailers can use during the upcoming holiday season to optimize the sales experience.

  • Utilize your retail space

Place holiday signs where customers can see them but also keep all signage in-line with your branding so there’s an element of familiarity. Customers depend on businesses to be consistent and familiar signs will be welcoming to customers. Create signs that reflect the specific holiday that’s approaching or use generic holiday signs to bring awareness of your sale. Take advantage of store windows and ceilings and design a display to coordinate with the specific holiday event.

  • Host a sales event

A sale is an important event to publicize. But, consider hosting a sales event throughout a weekend or even a one-day sales event. Create signs to advertise a special event and find a variety of locations to display the signs. A sales event can attract new and repeat customers which can increase your sales exponentially. The more professional and organized the signs are, the more attention your business will get when it matters most.

  • Design and display bold signs

If there is a promotional event happening, boldly highlight the specific sale. Draw attention to specific details about the sale (i.e., percentage off, free items with purchase, etc.) and accentuate the duration of the sale so there is no confusion. Be sure to remove the signs once the promotion has ended. Clarity is always important when communicating with customers.

  • Strategically placed products

Place similar products next to each other to create a theme purchase. Use signs to promote cross-product sales and recommend purchase pairings to customers. Customers rely on businesses to give as much information as possible so that they can make informed purchases. Place coordinating products together within a display so that customers can easily make a choice.

  • Reach beyond the store

Customers rely heavily on mobile devices and digital technology to keep them informed of sales and product availability. Consider adding digital marketing to your company’s advertising so that before the customer enters the store, they are well aware of your promotional event. Digital marketing content can be streamlined to include your branding and other signage.

Surviving the holiday season for retailers can require lots of coffee, but at Signarama we know it also requires a lot of planning and some good holiday signage. Contact the team at your local Signarama to begin discussing your holiday signage ideas and plan ahead for this year’s holiday season.